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rom sense 3 6 7 may next gen v2 audio optimized 4 skin turbo charged

[ROM 4.0.x] [ROM][Sense 3.6][7 May]Next-Gen ROM !v2!|Audio Optimized|Sense 4 skin|TURBO CHARGED!
[Obrazek: 1.png][Obrazek: 2.png][Obrazek: 3.png][Obrazek: 4.png][Obrazek: 5.png]

What is this all about?
I always wanted to have a ROM that is as stock as possible, without all the bloatware and tracking apps. But my main goal was to get the most out of the DAC that it sends out as clean and clear audio signals as possible! And no this is not

no, this is about studio quality

- Based on Coolexes ROM
- Sense 3.6
- Sense 4 skin
- CrossBreeder support
- Turbo charged
- Viper4android soundmod
- Fully rooted
- Latest busybox (1.21.0)
- Newest Superuser app and Binairy
- Zipaligned
- Deodexed
- 4XT file-system for optimal speed
- Sound tweaks
- build.prop optimisation
- GPS optimized for an ultra fast fix !
- Bravia engine
- BEATS (This is just an equalizer nothing more, don't over rate it!)
- 3D camera (video and photo)
- Battery optimisation
- Init.d tweaks
- Improved SD card read ahead
- CPU tweaks (thanks to bigwillyg)
- Kernel is ButteredToasT (thanks to bigwillyg)
- Battery Icon with % modded into it
- Overscrolling glow (blue, can be changed in leedroid)
- Updated all apps to there latest version
- Optimized some apps to save space
- Youtube with 720P support and standby (screenoff) playback function.
- Added Google now with modded framework to save battery

How to install
1. Get your phone s-off (s-on not supported)
2. Install 4XT recovery
3. Download the ROM
4. Place the rom in the ROOT of your SDcard
5. Go to your recovery (hold volume down and hit the power button)
6. ( fully wipe everything (4xt recovery has this option) including, boot, media and system
7. Flash the ROM
8. Reboot
9. Don't begin to follow the wizard the moment it pops up, let it settle for atleast 5 min
10. Have fun!

Viper4android setup:
1. start Viper4Android FX app
2. run as superuser
3. press menu and click on show notification
4. Enable convolver
5. click on "Impulse Response" and choose what you like
6. Change other settings to your likings
7. Disable music enhancements inside the HTC music app
8. Now it's actived
My settings:
I use this for general use (I've 4 profiles in total)
The one I use for general stuff:
Activated: On
AGG: Off
EQ: Off
Convolver: SRS_2_1.irs
FS: off
Reverberation: 49m2, soundfield: 5m, damping factor 20, wet signal:0, dry signal 50.
Dynamic System: ON, common headphones (v2), DB: 0, Tube off
output gain:0
Limit: 0

Default (just active it, tick the first option)

- Turbo charged
- Redone the whole ROM
- Tweaked the audio a whole lot thanks to zhuhang!
- Updated most apps again
- Removed sense 5 (since it's to bugged)
- Removed some crap (htc bloatware)
- Remove FB home (by populair demand)
- Updated kernel to 17.4
- changed much more can't remember
- HDMI fixed (thanks for testing karoftel)


Mój ulubiony rom zaraz po yodzie. Szczerze polecam Big Grin

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