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gt540 cyanogenmod 9 ics 4 3 kernel 2 6 35 14 beta4

[ROM] [GT540] CyanogenMod 9 - ICS 4.0.3 - Kernel - Beta4
Mamy w końcu jakieś zalążki ISC'a na bazie CM9 dla GT540 Smile Działa już bardzo dużo, ale i błędów nie brakuje.
I to wszystko Made in POLAND Smile

Co działa/nie działa:

USB/WIFI Tethering - Działa z alternatywną aplikacją - 80%
RIL - Działa 100%
Dzwięki - Działa 100%
Headset - Działa 100%
Dotyk - Działa 100%
HW/3D - Działa 100%
Wyświetlacz - Działa 100%
ADB - Działa 100%
Karta pamięci - Działa 100%
Wibracje - Działa 100%
Sensory - Działa 100%
WiFi - Działa 100%
3G - Działa 100%
Bluetooth - Działa 100%
GPS - Działa 100%
Kamera - Nie działa 0%

Changelog Beta 4:
-The red shit is gone 100%
-EGL Hack is updated(performance)
-WiFi turn on issues are gone
-Edited prop for power safe(maybe it will last more)
-CM is most current now
-Kernel Build Number is #666 so god is watching
-Little errors are gone

To Get the Facebook app to work download the little package next to download link Smile

One more thing – animations are liquid smooth now but I would recommend to change launcher to other for better performance Smile O forgot to fix the time shit in frame so this is not working ! The battery life was tested by a few pepole – results are:
Total time 55:40:11, deep sleep 48:54:42 (Idle)
Total time 23:40:11, deep sleep 14:54:42 (Blend)
Total time 18:46:21, deep sleep 8:54:42 (Hardcore Angry Birds on Math)
If it won’t work go to Settings-WIFi-Advanced and turn the „Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to never or only when pulgged in Smile And remember to flash on full battery and wipe the stats in recovery. It has to work now Smile

Changelog Beta 3:
Cytat:-Market download issue gone
-Browser bug fixed
-Haptic feedback present and working
-ICS Music app is there
-All the animations are working right so Adreno is fixed and game performance is better, like Angry Birds(test more)
-GPS fix is inside, no need to download
-Updated CM soruces(no CM Settings for now but you can acces CM Apps Settings from Device Settings tab in perferences
-Fixed the Gallery bug with picture cropping(all is displayed rigth)
-Gapps are inside
-Gmail now works 100% right
-Time zone bug is fixed
-Wifi is workink better due to new supplicant shit

There are more changes but I am asleep now Tongue Will finish tomorrow …

Kernel Changes:

-New power and batt drivers from .29(using LG charging table, so now percentage is correct)
-Charges to 100%
-Console Switch on Early Suspend(working on ICS deep sleep alternative)
-CPU freq drivers from 3.0 Galaxy Nexus Kernel
-SWAP is enabled I think, test that

Changelog Beta 2
Cytat:All the gsm stuff like pin,signal works – no need to worry Wink

Why I said that audio is better than on 2.1 ?

It is louder, and the sound quality is better on 100% of volume and you can use dsp to correct it Wink I don’t use the mur4iks on quarx libaudio, It is CAF – that is why it is better !

What are the features of new kernel I made:

- Battery voltage and temperature
-Deep Sleep
-Overclocking to 844MHz with no panics
-Governors(default is performance change iy for better pattery life):

-No screen problems(all works like on .29)

2.6.35 is native core to Android 4.0 so memory managment and user experience is much better



Beta 4 (paczka pod recovery):

Beta 3 (paczka pod recovery):

Beta 2:


S20 Ultra || ROM: Stock

Nie odpowiadam na PW !! Od tego jest FORUM... za dręczenie mnie na PW będę dawał warny !!
updejt w pierwszym poscie do Bety 4
S20 Ultra || ROM: Stock

Nie odpowiadam na PW !! Od tego jest FORUM... za dręczenie mnie na PW będę dawał warny !!

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