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Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 - Ryrzy - 02-13-2010

Opera udostępniła nową betę swojej przeglądarki mobilnej w wersji 10 beta 3.
Z najważniejszych nowości jest dodanie obsługi flasha 3.1, niestety narazie tylko testowo w fazie alpha Smile ale to i tak dobry krok już Smile

Other changes or fixes:
- Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 now supports keypad devices running Windows Mobile 6 standard, and Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone devices.
- keypad/smartphone support
- Flash Lite 3.1 support (disabled by default)
- Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
- BIDI support also for language extensions
- phone numbers in plain text are converted to links
- support for background sound
- general bug fixing (stability, UI)

Known issues:
- Flash is only a preview/in alpha state, expect instabilities, performance degradation during use
- Flash is only supported on touch devices
- Need to double-click on Flash content to view it in full-screen, another double-click to return
- right-to-left support is not complete in the UI
- On certain WM5 Smartphone/WM6 Standard devices, the dictionary is not disabled in the password field
- Unable to type special characters on Moto Q9
- Certain HTC devices with TouchFLO will force Opera back to portrait mode if visiting home screen when Opera is in landscape
- Some input method editors are known not to work well with Opera because they do not comply with Microsoft's SIP and/or IME standard. When such an editor is detected by Opera, Opera will use a known (default) input method instead. An exception is EzInput v1.5, where the phone keypad and compact QWERTY, ABC mode doesn't work, but the rest of the modes work fine. We recommend upgrading to EzInput v2.0 to avoid this.
- Opera Link: Bookmarks saved in Beta 2 are lost when upgrading to Beta 3
- Hotmail does not work, please use the mobile version ""
- Dragonfly - need to do 'connect' two times in a row to get a connection working

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