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Ciekawy romik oparty na najnowszym soficie 4.3 edycji googlowej czyli czysty system ala nexus.
Koledzy z XDA potrafią przeportować wersje googlową na i9505 w szybciutki sposób i milutko wyglądający.Smile

Instalujemy przez CWM/TWRP


Cytat:(09.08.2013) Finaly
•Fix Sim Unlock - "Unlock Simcard" - Fixed myself
•Added 3 Way Reboot
•Added Servicemode
•Added HD Voice support
-Download HD Voice in the Mods section

(08.08.2013) Final-v3
•New Google Stock kernel with ExFat support -THX@faux123
•Fixed Write for ExFat
•Hotreboot is fixed
•Add new file in /bin

(07.08.2013) Final-v2.2
•OTA Files Included..
•Fixed Permission
•Fixed completly Updater-Script...
•Fixed Baseband Problem for some user
•Added 100 missed files in /bin
•Added 4 Way Reboot
•Removed Home Button lag fix
-You find the Mod in Post 4

(07.08.2013) Final-v1
•Fixed Home Button Lag
•Fixed some lines in Framework-res
•Fixed Google Wallet
•Added 4 Way Reboot
•Added Old lib/modules

(06.08.2013) Final
•Fixed Settings - Security FC
•Fixed Settings - VPN FC
•Fixed Uninstall Apps..
•Fixed some Speed issues
•New Stock Kernel without Mods from Faux123
•Faux123 Kernel is Hacked
•Add and Fix

(05.08.2013) v9
•Fix NfcNci.apk
•Added Wallet.apk

(04.08.2013) v8
•Update Rom to official 4.3 : JWR66V.S0141.130801
•Update SuperSU and all files to v1.51
•Fixed Completly Root ....
•Titanium Backup is Supported
•Fixed Glitches
•Wi-Fi connection is stabler...
•New Boot.img and Lib's from the newest 4.3 Source

(20.07.2013) v7
•Fixed Battery Drain....
•Update SuperSU and all files to v1.45
•Add new lines in Updater-Script
•framework-res.apk 3 mb more less
•Sim Unlock is in it not working when you press it.. i show Later....
•Added 3 Way Reboot...

(20.07.2013) v6
•Fixed Google Wallet....
•Added 3 Way Reboot...
•Updated Google Maps to v7.0.2
•Updated Google Play Store to v4.2.3
•Removed media/video

(19.07.2013) v5
•Bootloop is Fixed.....
•Based: Stock Google Kernel..
•Removed unsupported Torch
•All is Working - without the Sim Unlock Smile
•Battery life is Good Smile

(19.07.2013) v4
•Latest Build (I9505VJUBMG8) based....
•Camera update pack included....
•Stock Kernel
•Battery drain is fixed ......People give me a feedback Smile
•Root is fixed (Pre-Rooted)
•Add Torch and Filemanager
•Clean Build.prop
•Removed Samsung Bloadware ....(All)
•Modify Build.prop Rom is faster and better....
•Scroll in Some apps is fixing .......
•Included deodexed , zigalign ,sqlite3 , nano , busybox
•Fixed YouTube
•Quality for Photos and Videos is tuned
•data/app support

(04.07.2013) v2
•Fix Root (update superuser to 1.41 and libs)
•Build.prop cleaning...

(02.07.2013) v1
•Removed all Samsung bloadware apps
•Removed CSC Support ..its not more needed Smile
•Added FileManager
•Fast Boot
•Updater-script lines removed and fixed..
•init.d support
•Update Superuser and su binary
•Build.prop cleaning and a little change valvue
•I make sthe Rom faster..
•data/app support ...Google+ is in the floder .....
•Google+ can removed on Settings --> Apps
•csc.apk removed
•Busybox installed and mounted
•~10% better Battery

Full wipe is recommended for a 100 % Good Rom !!

You can show the working and not working list below !


1. Boot to your recovery
2. Wipe data and cache
3. Install the zip
4. Reboot !

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