Pełna wersja: [26.05.2011] Darky's Extreme Edition v10.1 ★ JVH ★ Fast. Sleek. Beautiful
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Nadeszła długo oczekiwana aktualizacja ROM'u Darky'ego v10.1 Bazą jest JVH 2.3.3 Podobno bug-free.


// Introducing v10 Series
This is the fastest / most stable DarkyROM you've ever experienced.
This is not something we just say - it's a fact.

Based on the latest Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware [XWJVH]. (Thanks to Samsung for a nice firmware)
Drastically improved smoothness
Improved UI navigation speed
Best battery life reported so far
Gingerbread 3D Launcher is smoother than ever
Improved Scrolling Speed in the 3D App Drawer
Gingerbread 3D Launcher stays as a real homescreen application now
Very fast GPS performance [reported by many users]

Dark Core 2.4 inside.
Full BLN Support (yes, it's true)
Fixed ADB while in recovery
Darky's RAM Hack is now integrated into the kernel
Batterystats will be backup'ed from the kernel now - better battery life
vold.fstab will also be backuped from the kernel to prevent partition issues

Includes all our latest hacks & tweaks.
Fixed Memory Management - fully tested by the Darky Crew
Apps aren't getting reloaded that much anymore (it's rare now)
Up to 1.5x SD-Card Speed [internal & external storage]
Fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper once & for all - no more battery drain & no FCs
Hacked Camera - 'Low Battery' Hack + 'Shutter' Hack + HQ Audio Hack
Heavy optimized Darky Browser [8 Tabs + UserAgent Switcher + more speed / smoothness]
Widgets will be grouped now [AppWidgetPicker]
Updated update-script with better reliability and some instructions [symlink errors]
Reduced System Core Size [better reliability + more compatibility with hacks & themes]
Improved SD-Card Speed Hack [internal & external]
Faster Media-Scanning
Fixed Multi-Touch [system-wide]
Lockscreen Fix is not needed anymore in the Darky App - fixed by default.
>> Fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper once & for all - no more battery drain & no FCs
Fixed FrontCam issues in JVH

Refreshed & improved design.

>> Tweaked all Apps + Galaxy S II style [finetuned like no other mod]
>> Gingerbread Overscroll Glow Effect - Darky Modded [GB Green]
>> Tweaked some apps to get rid of the Samsung Blue
>> Integrated Extended Power Menu [Reboot, Recovery, Download]
>> 5 Lockscreen Mod: Gingerbread AOSP Lockscreen / Samsung Glass Lockscreen + Music Controls / Puzzle Lockscreen / Epic Lockscreen / Rotary Lockscreen

Gingerbread (2.3.3) Style of displaying signal bars [turns green when connected to google services]
New Notification Bar Style
[ >> Gingerbread CRT Screen-Off Animation + Gingerbread Overscroll Glow Animation << ]
Change Animations in Settings > Display to Some Animations/All Animations to use this.

Made the look more professional (simpler settings.apk and all SGS 2 Icons)
>> Reworked almost EVERY SINGLE app to have a professional look

Fixed various bugs
Fixed MMS for Telenor SE
Fixed rare random reboot
Fixed earpice when calling
No more "Can't play this sound file" in MP3-Player
Corrected other minor bugs

Much more I forgot to write down - most optimizations we've ever done...

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Testował już ktoś jak śmiga ?? Blush
Pewnie że testował, spoko, może być ale jednak cirskelo v62 na jvo lepszy.
Podał byś linka do niego bo jutro mi przyjdzie sgs Smile
Masz na forum, właśnie dodałem najnowszą wersje.
Witajcie a oto najnowsya wersja 10.2 na bazie JVQ.

Poprawka na wiatr Smile już działa.