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problem with internal storage

Problem with internal storage
I am the owner of the tablet Prestigio 5870C with Yoda ROM v5 ( +SWAP cards, so external is reported as internal storage) and one of the "beautiful" morning tablet collapsed (out of nowhere). After starting immediately began to fall all applications including the default launcher, just setting worked. So after a few failed attempts at setting to do something I jumped into CWM and did a complete wipe. Tablet worked fine. But data on memory cards was still there, so I went to menu and I use format.

Format SD card (16GB class 10) was successful, but the internal storage (5 gigabytes) was weird , I connected tablet to pc, and there was card empty, but in menu was 2,3 gigabytes from this card used . I connected the tablet to pc and I wanted to see what is on the card, but on pc was empty. I tried to format card from PC, but no change. So after a few formats or wipe it happened that those five gigabytes was lost somewhere in the matrix. Neither of CWM can not be loaded, but I can mount cards from CWM and PC show it fine. I tried to flash the original original ROM, but without effect. Only in one case the card is "connected". When I instal Yoda ROM and select SWAP during installation, card appears but "is" damaged and android want to format it, but after format is still card "damaged". The only way to access the card is from CWM after mount to pc.
Sorry for my english.
Can u guys please help me?
There is picture when I flashed original ROM...internal storage just disappeared.
[Obrazek: 09b8f05a096ca00da4cada9915b15a63.jpg]
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