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extweaks siyahkernel s3 v1 9 1

[Kernel] [ExTweaks] SiyahKernel S3 v1.9.1
Mamy przeskok na nowy sprzęt, twórca kerneli na Galaxy S2 przesiadł się na S3 i już widać prawie pierwszą odsłonę kernelka SiyahKernel SGS3 v0.9beta.
Są to naprawdę dopieszczone kernele jeżeli chodzi o S2 więc i w nowym modelu podejrzewam że autor sporo przeniesie swoich patentów.
Polecam testować.Wink

Oto strona autora na której za kilka chwil pewnie wyskoczy kernel.


CPU over/underclock: 100-1800MHz 18-steps
CPU underclock (600mV-1500mV). vdd_levels and UV_mV interfaces.
GPU undervolting/overclocking (40MHz-800MHz)
Insecure adb even though we have ro.secure=1
optional smooth_scaling for those who wants to limit fast scaling of governors (such as ondemand)
triangle-away app support
added hotplug governor and modified it to support quad-core
Auto-root. You can also remove root via ExTweaks app and install it without rebooting your phone again. Auto-root can be disabled as well.
You can completely disable android logger using ExTweaks app
Adjustable charging speeds for AC and USB
Cpu governor optimizations
Gpu voltage, clock and stepcount interfaces in ExTweaks
governor-aware stand-hotplug for old conventional governors
Available CPU Governors: Pegasusq (default), Hotplug, Ondemand, Lulzactive, Conservative, Performance, Userspace, Powersave
CIFS as module
Available I/O schedulers: CFQ (default), noop, Deadline, SIO, V®
init.d support
ARM topology support (SCHED_MC)
default idle mode is IDLE+LPA (highly recommended). however you can change the default to AFTR+LPA using ExTweaks.
Automatic EFS Backup
Samsung proprietary ExFat modules are loaded
Lots of I/O tweaks and filesystem optimizations via some parts of thunderbolt scripts.
NTFS automounting for USB sticks. When you plug in an NTFS formatted USB flash it will be automatically mounted to /mnt/ntfs folder.
Almost everything is configurable such as scheduler features, hotplug thresholds, GPU frequencies, voltages, arm topology modes... and they are configurable via simple and free ExTweaks App from Google Play
mDNIe negative effect toggle with home button (press it four times). the purpose of this feature is to inverse the colors especially when the background is white or bright. making the background darker will make your battery last longer.
and some more not worth mentioning as separate items such as disabling mali state tracking and disabling some unnecessary debugging etc...

oryginalne zrodlo

Narazie te kernele to jak pierwsze wydania cos nie dziala cos zawsze jest nie tak hehe ja poczekam jeszcze troszke i obaczymy co i jak
No nie w przypadku ciacha bo jego kernele sa dopieszczone wiec juz od pocatku bym Ci polecil testowac.

removed GPU settings from ExTweaks temporarily
removed all non-hotplugaware governors and disabled stand-hotplug
Fixed camera & gfx problems
back to old toolchain (prebuilt 4.4.3) which is safe and at least as performant
some other tiny changes to make logcat output less chatty.
fixed NTFS mounting
fixed charge-current error messages in ExTweaks

aktualizacja peirwszego posta o wersje 1.1

Cm9 & AOSP support with the same kernel image.
Headphone amplification in ExTweaks. Amplification level selection for both left and right channels and dac-direct settings (thanks to Supercurio for his project-voodoo implementation)
some pegasusq tweaks
removed locking to 1200MHz when the highest GPU step is used (means less heat when playing games)
Linux 3.0.35
fixed lagging and haptic feedback (1.2 -> 1.2.1)
fixed touchkey lights not turning off (1.2.1 -> 1.2.2)
fixed cpu stuck at 1200MHz for CM9 (1.2.2 -> 1.2.3)

nowa wersja Smile)
SiyahKernel S3-v1.7rc1

Cytat:Dual-booting (supports only JB ROMs: Samsung JB and CM10)
fixed a UMP related bug in v1.6.8 that was causing lags for CM10 users
removed CPU locking when GPU freq >=440MHz
alternate touch recovery for secondrom related operations
Some 2ndROM features are missing. Implemented features are: Clone 1stROM to 2ndROM, Clone 2ndROM to 1stROM, Swap ROMs, Delete 2ndROM.
v1.7b1 -> v1.7b2: new recovery features: installing zips to secondrom, wipe 2ndROM data/cache & dalvik, fix 2ndROM permissions (EDIT: will be available in the next version), exfat support. Fixed system partition cannot be mounted read/write. The recovery will be flashed together with the kernel.
v1.7b2 -> v1.7b3: Recovery is merged with the kernel, no more separate recovery. Flash back your favorite recovery and use STweaks to boot into 2ndROM-utils (which is another CWM-based recovery built into the kernel). Added “no boot logo” option to STweaks. Added “Reboot into 2ndROM Utils”, “Reboot into First ROM” and “Reboot into Second ROM” options. Added “Fix 2ndROM permissions” and “Wipe 2ndROM cache” (wipes only cache partition, not data) to 2ndROM-utils. Fixed some bugs in 2ndROM-utils. Added “Black Crush Fix” by AndreiLux. lcd freq is decreased just a bit to save a little power (has no effect).
v1.7b3->v1.7b4: replace the recovery image with the new one which was forgotten in the previous release. fix permissions on 2ndROM should be working now. Made a change in wifi offload filtering to deny muticast packets but allow multicast DNS packets.
v1.7b4 -> v1.7b5: added (again) gpu boost on touch. set touch boos default back to 800MHz. updated bcmdhd driver to the one in korean s3 driver. mali refactorings (new_* interfaces removed from /sys/module/mali/parameters. this will fix malistatus problem).
v1.7b5 -> v1.7b6: added backup/restore to 2ndROM utils.
v1.7b6 -> v1.7rc1: car dock support. reverted TMU modifications. some fixes for backup/restore for 2ndROM and internal/external confusion is resolved. default I/O scheduler is set to deadline. default gpu boost is set to disabled. Added this to ramfs (thanks to Oranav@XDA) to fix EasyUMS compatiblity in cm10.
v1.7rc1 -> v1.7rc2: new STweaks (100% faster startup, retouched UI & new binary uci interface), applied wifi changes in CM10 repo to fix wifi tethering problem.
Add timeout setting for 2ndROM boot logo
Make exfat work in AOSP ROMs
implement more accurate space requirement checks in 2ndROM utils.


SiyahKernel S3-v1.8.4
Posted on December 4, 2012

Ported CPU UV tab from AndreiLux’s STweaks config
Dynamic generation of STweaks config and initial GPU voltages are set correctly (mostly based on AndreiLux’s uci.sh script interface while trying to keep the changes minimum to support other guys using my scripts as base)
Workaround for CRT animation problem (at the bottom of the screen tab in STweaks)
fixed the problem of copying large files that some users experience
removed custom modifications from pegasusq governor and changed the tweaked values a little
v1.8.1 -> v1.8.2: fixed gpu voltage problems
v1.8.2. -> v1.8.3: fixed problem of fb earlysuspend delay not being persisted across reboots. removed automatic installation of stweaks (you can find it on google play).
v1.8.3 -> v1.8.4: reverted VM_MAX_READAHEAD commit. adjusted cpu hotplug in/out rates in pegasusq because they were just too low after decreasing the sampling time.


SGS III / crDroid 11.1 / Yank555.lu v3.1d / JKay deluxe framework 14.7.4 / Tapatalk 2 / SwiftKey 3
SGS3 crDroid 11.1 Yank555.lu v3.1d JKay Deluxe framework 14.7.4 ThunderBolt 2.9.3
SiyahKernel s3-v1.9.1

  • based on GT-I9300_JB_Opensource_Update9
  • updated mali driver to support latest CM-10.1
  • updated mali driver to support latest CM-10.1
  • some ramfs changes/fixes/tweaks
  • tested only on Samsung 4.1.2 latest official ROM and CM-10.1 nightly (30/3/2013). Samsung 4.2 leaks are not supported. Also CM10 support is dropped as I don’t want to keep 3 different mali drivers in the kernel.
  • v1.9.0->v1.9.1: fixed hw acceleration problems (samsung roms only). enabled zram (500MB with swappiness of 100).

S20 Ultra || ROM: Stock

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